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In the ancient plains of Shinar, an evil was born: the first world king, the prototype transhuman, the ultimate despot, the Son of Perdition—Nimrod. In Babylon, this Son of Perdition devised the Shinar Directive: a plot that soon will energize its illuminated devotees toward its final and 

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You'll Buy All Your Holiday Gifts With A Wave Of Your Hand Or The Scan Of Your Head Within Five Years: Banking Experts Predict This Beastly System Will Be The Global Business Model Within 60 Months (See Revelation 13: 16-18 To Understand)

In the near future the way we bank and control our finances will change vastly. It already has in many ways. “We’re in this unprecedented space where technology is moving so quickly it’s starting to scare everyone,” said Gi Fernando, founder and investor of Free:Formers, a company which helps businesses and unemployed young adults with digital training. “It’s sooner than you think,” said Fernando, who claims in five years from now the technology behind how we manage our banking and finances will be unrecognizable. As biometrics become the choice of more companies, outdated PIN numbers and clumsy card readers will be a thing of the past, said Fernando. Fingerprints, retina readers and even contact lenses will replace good old-fashioned pin numbers and card readers in our modern day transactions. “We will see much more use of biometric data,” agrees Steven Lewis, global lead banking analyst at Ernst & Young. “Fingerprints and eye scanners [head and hand scanners, just like the Bible predicted] will replace signatures and become more prevalent,” he said.


The "Tipping Point" For Beast-Tech Identification Is Just Ahead, Say Experts
Currently most of us depend on passwords to protect our online identities. But passwords may be the largest security liability of the internet. For some time the answer to address these weaknesses appeared to be biometrics. A biometric is an aspect of the human body that can be measured and is distinguishing enough to be unique to the user, so it can be used for user authentication. Examples of biometrics include fingerprints, voice, face, eyes and hands. But using biometrics for online security has rarely been seen outside Hollywood movies to date. Consumers have been put off by high error rates and privacy concerns while organisations find server-side biometric templates too risky to hold and are a prized target for cybercriminals. Existing biometric authentication models are focused on identity management and identity proofing, which are related but separate issues to authentication. Making the problem worse is that there is little interoperability between sites, applications and users. However the tipping point for biometric security is approaching.

Summit Excites Attendees With “Chip Implants Are As Easy As Piercings”
McCauley is aware that the idea of incorporating technology into our bodies may seem repellent or unnatural to some people. But, he said, many of us are already cyborgs. Vaccination, for example, is a kind of technological augmentation. “We are now different than we would be as just baseline humanity,” he said. So, in the middle of his talk, he called piercing professional Tom van Oudenaarde onstage and anounced he’d be implanting a chip in his hand. But by all accounts the procedure was quick and relatively painless. In fact, so much so that Singularity University cofounder, Peter Diamandis, walked onstage an hour later and got chipped too. RFID chips are passive bits of hardware powered and activated when near an RFID reader. Diamandis suggests near-term uses of RFID implants might be smooth interaction with the Internet of Things. We could use our hands to unlock doors, start the car, and pay for coffee. McCauley says we might keep contact information on our chip, swap said information by shaking hands—like an embedded business card…





Why The Sun's Thirty-Year Hibernation From This Winter May Lead To Global Food Riots

Even as one of the severest winters sets in with its icy clutch on the northern hemisphere, the climatologist John L. Casey points out that the "weather pattern is here to stay for decades to come," according to The main reason is "solar minimum" or reduced solar activity with less solar flares and sunspots. Casey says that temperatures as seen in the late 1700s and early 1800s can be expected. Hence, the book anticipates that it will begin a 30-year era of cold. The temperatures will almost freeze and shortages in food would create complete chaos. The sun is going to enter a phase of reduced activity, which he characterised as "solar hibernation." Oceanic and atmospheric temperatures too are going to decline. It would even lead to greater volcanic activity and earthquakes. As the president of the Space and Science Research Corp., an Orlando, Florida, climate research firm, describes it, all the world...


Sharon Gilbert Is Right, US Must Prepare For The Next Ebola-Like Outbreak
The next Ebola or the next SARS. Maybe even the next HIV. Even before the Ebola epidemic in West Africa is brought under control, public health officials are girding for the next health disaster. "It's really urgent that we address the weak links and blind spots around the world," Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told The Associated Press. "Ebola is a powerful reminder that a health threat anywhere can affect us." Ebola sprang from one of those blind spots, in an area that lacks the health systems needed to detect an outbreak before it becomes a crisis. Now the Obama administration has requested $600 million for the CDC to implement what it calls the Global Health Security Agenda, working with an international coalition to shore up disease detection in high-risk countries and guard against the next contagion.

Blood On The Altar War Expands As National Homosexual Activist Organization Targets Christians In Latest Campaign
A homosexual activist organization whose co-founder was recently jailed for sex abuse charges has launched an aggressive campaign to convert Christians to the same-sex ‘marriage’ cause. The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) describes itself as a “civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.” With over 1.5 million members and supporters, the HRC is the largest such organization in the United States. As previously reported, the HRC’s 66-year-old homosexual co-founder was arrested last week and charged with sexually abusing a teenage boy. Then, one day later, the founder’s 25-year-old ex-boyfriend was also taken into custody for the exact same charges. Earlier this year, the HRC launched the “All God’s Children” campaign—an unprecedented initiative designed to convert people of faith to the same-sex “marriage” cause.

Five MORE Reasons Scientists Know Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution Is Bologna
In school we learned that dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, and small mammals survived and evolved into other mammals and at some point around 250,000 years ago an apelike mammal evolved into what is now the modern human, right? Wrong. Newly discovered artifacts prove that humanity has been around much longer than originally thought, and that humans did not always live in a primitive society. I think it’s about time to update our ancient history and science textbooks. Here are some prehistoric findings that baffle scientists about our human history […] Mineral Paint in Caves—Painted 15,000 to 50,000 years ago. Inside different caves from around the world there are prehistoric paintings of society with graphic details of an unexpected nature—such as people wearing shirts, pants, boots, and hats. […] The London Hammer—110-115 million...


New PRRI Polls Reveal Half Of All Americans Say Bizarre Weather Patterns Are Connected To The Bible's End-Times Prophecies

As of 2014, it's estimated that nearly half of Americans—49 percent—say natural disasters are a sign of "the end times," as described in the Bible. That's up from an estimated 44 percent in 2011. This belief is more prevalent in some religious communities than others. White evangelical Protestants, for example, are more likely than any other group to believe that natural disasters are a sign of the end times, and they're least likely to assign some of the blame to climate change (participants were allowed to select both options if they wanted). Black Protestants were close behind white evangelicals in terms of apprehending the apocalypse, but they were also the group most likely to believe in climate change, too. Predictably, the religiously unaffiliated were the least likely to believe superstorms are apocalyptic—but even so, a third of that group said they see signs of the end times in the weather.



Atomic Scientist Says Nuclear War Is Apocalyptic Black Swan We Can Never See… Coming
Several centuries ago in England, the black swan was a popular symbol for the impossible because no such creature had ever been seen. Then came the surprise: Black swans were discovered in Australia. Since then, the bird has symbolized that which seems impossible but can in fact occur. The black swan reminds us that believing something cannot happen is often just a failure of imagination. Parts of society today hold the same view of nuclear war that society in England did of black swans centuries ago: No nuclear war has ever been observed, so it may seem impossible that one would occur. Though nations possess some 16,000 nuclear warheads, deterrence just seems to work. And so, especially with the Cold War a fading memory, attention has shifted elsewhere. But it is just as much of a mistake to think that nuclear war couldn’t happen now as it was to think that black swans couldn’t exist back then.

How Would Public Be Warned Of Wormwood Threat, If At All?
As scientists attempt to locate and track objects in space that might present a collision risk with Earth, they find themselves facing a vexing question -- if such a potential impact is predicted, how should the public be informed, and warned? It's a question that was given new urgency in February 2013 when an asteroid created a huge fireball and a window-shattering explosion over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. That was ample proof the Earth can't be considered impervious to asteroid strikes, and that some -- like the Chelyabinsk event -- may come with little or no warning. The United Nations has for years been considering how best to gather information on near-Earth objects (NEOs) to provide advance warnings and notice to national authorities in the case of a possible hazardous NEO approaching our planet. Their efforts have, in part, led to the creation of an International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN), which exists independently of the U.N.

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Forget Your Robot Overlords: Watch Out For Lethal Autonomous Systems That Make Mistakes
Robot overlords! Pah! The biggest military danger in the near future will be hunter-killer autonomous robots. No, not far-future Terminator-type ‘droids but small, cheap bots that will be able to challenge you, figure out if you’re us or them, and, if you’re not, kill you. We’ve already seen such devices though they’ve not been cheap nor really smart. For example, 8 years ago Samsung Techwin announced the all weather SGR-A1, 5.56 mm robotic machine gun with an optional grenade launcher for $200,000. If you doubt that worse than this won’t come just consider the remarkable advances in autonomous robots from flying drones for delivering goods (or ordnance) through to  Boston Dynamics “Big Dog” and “WildCat” that can navigate rough terrain and, in the case of the latter, run you down.


Will Modern Science Bring A Sudden End To Humankind?

"I want you to hold off on your intellectual gag response," the speaker told us. "I want you to stay with me through this 'til we get to the end." The speaker was Paul Horn, former executive director of research at IBM. He's the man behind Watson, the machine that beat humans at Jeopardy. Horn is a highly informed, deep thinker on future technology. His talk was called "The Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines." His purpose was to get us thinking more deeply about a revolution that, if it comes, would be unlike anything humanity has experienced so far in its long history. Horn's main argument was that, in the near future, we will build machines surpassing us in intelligence. What the machines — those machines — then build will surpass their own creator's intelligence. This process will rapidly continue until, very soon, it yields a new force on the planet — superintelligence. This runaway...

Could Scientists Unleash Unstoppable Destruction? Is This What Was Seen In The Bible's Vision Of The End Times?


ELON MUSK: Real Life Terminators Could Start Killing Us All Within Five Years
Musk posted the comments on futurology site, warning readers that developments in AI could bring about robots that may autonomously decide that it is sensible to start killing humans. Aware that internet commenters may doubt his predictions, Musk defended his views, saying “This is not a case of crying wolf about something I don't understand. The pace of progress in artificial intelligence (I'm not referring to narrow AI) is incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast-it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year timeframe. 10 years at most. I am not alone in thinking we should be worried. The leading AI companies have taken great steps to ensure safety. They recognize the danger, but believe that they can shape and control the digital superintelligences and prevent bad ones from escaping into the Internet. That remains to be...

Will Revolutionary New Antibiotic Alternative Save The World From Superbug Apocalypse?
Scientists have developed a new alternative to antibiotics that could revolutionise the way we treat superbugs and avoid a scenario where common medical procedures become life-threatening due to bacteria becoming immune to conventional drugs. Mark Offerhaus, the CEO of the Dutch Biotech company Micreos, which developed the drug, has said that the advance signals “a new era in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria." "Millions of people stand to benefit,” he said. “That’s very exciting and gratifying.” The UK’s chief medical officer, Dame Sally Davies, warned in January 2013 that the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs could lead to an “apocalyptic scenario” in which people would die of minor infections and basic operations would become deadly. She equated the threat of antibiotic resistance to terrorism and natural disasters, and called on parliament to place it on the government’s official register of national emergencies. UK prime minister David Cameron warned that it could take medicine "back to the dark ages."

PLO Seeks Media Help In Obfuscating Jewish Temple Mount Connection
It’s Judaism’s holiest site — but reporters are being told not to call it by its Jewish name. The Palestine Liberation Organization has issued an advisory to the international media expressing “concern” over reporters’ widespread use of the term “Temple Mount” which it called “inaccurate” when referring to the third holiest site in Islam and the holiest site in the Jewish faith. Instead, it suggested reporters use the term the “Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound.” The official Palestinian Authority news agency WAFA Saturday reported on the advisory which was issued on Wednesday by the PLO’s Negotiations Affairs Department. “All international media representatives are advised to adhere to international law and correct any other existing terminology used,” read the statement. “The Al-Aqsa Mosque compound is not a disputed territory and all other terms, therefore, are null...


Henry Kissinger Sees "Zenith
2016" Coming Soon: Ordo Ab
Chao Finally Has Globalized
New World Order Within Range

SPIEGEL: Dr. Kissinger, when we look at the world today, it seems to be messier than ever -- with wars, catastrophes and chaos everywhere. Is the world really in greater disorder than ever before? KISSINGER: It seems that it is. There is chaos threatening us, through the spread of weapons of mass destruction and cross-border terrorism. There is now a phenomenon of ungoverned territories, and we have seen in Libya, for example, that an ungoverned territory can have an enormous impact on disorder in the world. The state as a unit is under attack, not in every part of the world, but in many parts of it. But at the same time, and this seems to be a paradox, this is the first time one can talk about a world order at all. SPIEGEL: What do you mean by that? KISSINGER: For the greatest part of history until really the very recent time, world order was regional order. This is the first time that different parts of the world can interact with every part of the world. This makes a new order for the globalized world necessary.



Tom Horn Writes About Zenith 2016 And The Fourth Turning: Will It Birth Final World Order?
In 2008 and again in 2012 with input from Steve Quayle and I, Sue began working on one of her last articles titled The Fourth Turning: The Protocols and The Gray Champion. A couple months back, she had emailed me from her hospital room and said she was about to expand this Fourth Turning work based on some “Zenith 2016” material I had just shared with her. Unfortunately, like with the passing of David Flynn, the world will probably never know what Sue was about to reveal. What we do know is her work was partially based on a book published in 1997, The Fourth Turning, which describes itself as “a book that turns history into prophecy.” It explains cycles of life and generational archetypes through the examination of Western historical paradigms over the past five centuries. By surveying the past and identifying contemporary markers, William Strauss and...


Genetically Engineering Life To Travel And Colonize Space
Genetic biotechnology is usually discussed in the context of current and emerging applications here on Earth, and rightly so, since we still live exclusively in our planetary cradle. But as humanity looks outward, we ponder what kind of life we ought to take with us to support outposts and eventually colonies off the Earth. Considering potential space colonization environments compared with our homeworld in terms of gravity, radiation, and various other parameters, there are a lot of traits we might eventually genetically engineer into life forms that we bring to help them survive while they perform their task, whether circulating life support gasses, producing rocket fuel, eating up rock, or even terraforming –changing the colony’s entire environment to make it like Earth.

FBI Is Very Excited About Rapid-DNA Technology That Can Grab And Store Your DNA In 90 Minutes Or Less, Homeland Security Can't Wait To See The System Everywhere
Rapid-DNA technology makes it easier than ever to grab and store your genetic profile. G-men, cops, and Homeland Security can't wait to see it everywhere. Robert Schueren shook my hand firmly, handed me his business card, and flipped it over, revealing a short list of letters and numbers. "Here is my DNA profile." He smiled. "I have nothing to hide." I had come to meet Schueren, the CEO of IntegenX, at his company's headquarters in Pleasanton, California, to see its signature product: a machine the size of a large desktop printer that can unravel your genetic code in the time it takes to watch a movie. Schueren grabbed a cotton swab and dropped it into a plastic cartridge. That's what, say, a police officer would use to wipe the inside of your cheek to collect a DNA sample after an arrest, he explained.

Preparing For Global Beast-Tech Monitoring In ‘Post-Privacy’ Era
Gone are the days when the government only kept records of events such as birth, marriage, property ownership or death. Governments are now using surveillance technologies from drones to automated license plate readers to collect and store data on citizens and non-citizens alike. The commercial collection of personal data is also widespread. Mall owners use technology to track shoppers by signals from their cell phones. Online advertisers and data brokers watch as you browse the web and collect your browsing history. Retailers use digital signs, which are disguised facial recognition scanners, to track your passage through the store for later marketing use. Technologies, like facial recognition software, are even being made available for personal use. For example, Facebook’s tagging feature uses this technology.

Beastly Gog-Magog Bill Would Cause All, Both Small & Great To Receive Nation-Biometrics

MPs from the populist nationalist party LDPR have prepared and drafted a motion requiring universal fingerprinting and DNA profiling of all Russian citizens for reasons of security. The main sponsor of the bill is Roman Khudyakov, known for previously wanting the urban population of the country, including visitors and foreigners, to be fingerprinted. This time the lawmaker opted for the “biometrical registration” of all Russians, which essentially means fingerprinting and DNA-profiling of everyone. The information would be held in a central government database and each citizen would be provided with the details on a so called “bio-card.” The bill suggests the setting up of a special federal agency in charge of the biometrical scanning, reporting either to the Interior Ministry or to the Federal Security Service, the FSB. In comments to the popular daily Izvestia, Khudyakov urged his plan be put into practice as soon as possible saying that it would help law enforcers and society.



The Dark, Twisted Story Behind A UFO Death Cult
On March 22 and March 23, 1997, all thirty-nine active members of Heaven’s Gate committed suicide, exiting the Earth, as they referred to the act. In three waves, members ingested a poisonous mixture of barbiturates and alcohol, and as their breath slowed and bodies shut down, they asphyxiated under plastic bags that they had tied over their heads. Members followed guidelines they had researched several years earlier, and laid down their earthly lives in what can only be called ritual precision and attention to detail. In keeping with the group’s customs, each member wore an identical uniform, but in their final months the group’s members had added a customized “Heaven’s Gate Away Team” patch that positioned them as merely visitors to this planet rather than inhabitants, invoking the concept from the Star Trek universe of visitors from a traveling spaceship.

Imagination, Reality Flow In Opposite Directions In Brain
As real as that daydream may seem, its path through your brain runs opposite reality. Aiming to discern discrete neural circuits, researchers have tracked electrical activity in the brains of people who alternately imagined scenes or watched videos. "A really important problem in brain research is understanding how different parts of the brain are functionally connected. What areas are interacting? What is the direction of communication?" says Barry Van Veen, a UW-Madison professor of electrical and computer engineering. "We know that the brain does not function as a set of independent areas, but as a network of specialized areas that collaborate." Van Veen, along with Giulio Tononi, a UW-Madison psychiatry professor and neuroscientist, Daniela Dentico, a scientist at UW-Madison's Waisman Center, and collaborators from the University of Liege in Belgium, published results recently in the journal NeuroImage.

New Clue To Help Crack Mysterious Kryptos Code
Only time will tell if “clock” will unlock this CIA secret. The artist behind the Kryptos sculpture in the CIA headquarters’ courtyard released another clue to the code-breakers dead set on deciphering its mysterious message. Kryptos, unveiled in 1990, contains four sections of encrypted messages, three of which have already been solved. The fourth, however, has become one of the most famous unsolved ciphers in the world – drawing amateur and professional cryptanalysts to this work of art in Langley, Va. James Sanborn, now 69, has apparently grown impatient with the Kryptos sleuths, whose ranks swelled with the success of Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” and revealed another word on Nov. 14. “There are several reasons for that. The 14th is my birthday and it’s the anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down,” Sanborn told Yahoo News. “It was a convergence.” The 70th through 74th characters in the 97-letter-message spell out “clock.”

Will The Dome Of The Rock Become Antichrist’s Temple? Scholar Says It Was Originally Built For Jews, Not Muslims

The late Rabbi Shlomo Goren, a Temple Mount expert and Chief Rabbi of the IDF and later of Israel, wrote in his classic work "The Temple Mount" (Ha'Idra Rabba Publications, Jerusalem, 2005, 2nd ed., p. 327) as follows: "The Al-Aksa Mosque [at the southern end of the Mount, opposite the Dome of the Rock – HF] was built as a Muslim house of prayer outside the boundaries of the original Temple Mount, and therefore it points southward towards Mecca. And at the request of the Jews, Omar built the Dome of the Rock sanctuary to serve as a house of prayer for the Jews. This was after the Jews showed him the site where the Holy Temple had stood – and it does not point to Mecca." Rabbi Goren clearly delineates between the two buildings: One is in the direction of the holy Muslim city of Mecca, and is to serve as a mosque – while the other was built without regard to Mecca, and only at the guidance and request of the Jews…



Can Fusion Energy Be Obtained Without The Death Star?
The National Ignition Facility, located in Livermore, CA, is a spectacular, ultramodern facility the size of a football stadium. Housed within are 192 laser beams, which can be focused onto a one-centimeter glass sphere containing deuterium and tritium fuel. Once the 1 billionth-of-a-second pulses from the lasers commence, the impact causes the pellet to implode. Inside, the fuel ignites and achieves nuclear fusion, momentarily creating a nanoscale star. Visiting the facility at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, which is part of the US Department of Energy, has been one of the highlights of the summer Graduate Studies Program at Singularity University. But the impressive scale of the undertaking is a double-edged sword. Along with the euphoria of seeing such an impressive construct...

Why A Physics Revolution Might Be On Its Way
The field of physics may be turned on its head soon, said renowned physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed. One possible way to solve the problem is with an entirely new theory beyond the Standard Model, the reigning theory of particle physics, the physicist said. One idea is called string theory, which proposes that particles aren't actually fundamentally particles. Instead, the particles and all the matter in the universe they make up are composed of tiny, vibrating strings. The equations that support string theory appear to work, but that doesn't mean there are no other viable formulas or explanations, Arkani-Hamed said. Supersymmetry  is another possible "new physics" explanation. Under this idea, all subatomic particles have a "superpartner" particle that physicists have yet to discover.

Multiverse Collisions May Dot The Sky
Like many of her colleagues, Hiranya Peiris, a cosmologist at University College London, once largely dismissed the notion that our universe might be only one of many in a vast multiverse. It was scientifically intriguing, she thought, but also fundamentally untestable. She preferred to focus her research on more concrete questions, like how galaxies evolve. Then one summer at the Aspen Center for Physics, Peiris found herself chatting with the Perimeter Institute’s Matt Johnson, who mentioned his interest in developing tools to study the idea. He suggested that they collaborate. At first, Peiris was skeptical. “I think as an observer that any theory, however interesting and elegant, is seriously lacking if it doesn’t have testable consequences,” she said. But Johnson convinced her that there might be a way to test the concept.

Quantum 'Weirdness' May Be Evidence Of Interacting Parallel Worlds, Say Physicists

The theory, first published by Professor Bill Poirier four years ago, has recently attracted attention from the foundational physics community, leading to an invited Commentary in the physics journal, Physical Review X. According to Poirier's theory, quantum reality is not wave-like at all, but is composed of multiple, classical-like worlds. In each of these worlds, every object has very definite physical attributes, such as position and momentum. Within a given world, objects interact with each other classically. All quantum effects, on the other hand, manifest as interactions between "nearby" parallel worlds. The idea of many worlds is not new. In 1957, Hugh Everett III published what is now called the "Many Worlds" interpretation of quantum mechanics. "But in Everett's theory, the worlds are not well defined," according to Poirier, "because the underlying mathematics is that of the standard wave-based quantum theory." In contrast, in Poirier's "Many Interacting Worlds" theory, the worlds are built into the mathematics right from the start.

Interacting Parallel Worlds?


Ancient Tablet Dedicated To Emperor Hadrian May Explain Mystery Of Jewish Revolt
Archaeologists in Jerusalem have discovered an extremely rare limestone block inscribed with an official commemoration to the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who reigned in the 2nd century AD. The ancient tablet may solve the mystery surrounding the cause of the Bar Kokhba revolt, lending credence to the theory that the reason Jews revolted against Roman rule nearly 2,000 years ago was because of their harsh treatment. Archaeologists said that the discovery may be one of the most important Latin inscriptions ever uncovered in Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Post reports that stone slab was unearthed while researchers with the Israel Antiquities Authority were excavating sites north of the Damascus Gate, one of the main entrances to the Old City of Jerusalem, which is located in the wall on the city’s northwest side where, in times past, a road led to the capital of Syria, Damascus.

Mysterious Masonic Initiation Wells Of Quinta Da Regaleira
Located near the historic center of Sintra, Portugal lies the Quinta da Regaleira- a spectacular estate that sits in a World Heritage protected landscape.  While thousands of tourists flock to the castle every year to admire the unique architecture of the Quinta de Regaleira that combines Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance features, one of its most fascinating features is located beneath the ground – a pair of wells spiraling deep within the earth. The wells were never used, nor intended for water collection. Instead, these mysterious underground towers were used for secretive initiation rites.  The cultural landscape upon which the Quinta da Regaleira sits dates back thousands of years. There are archaeological sites in the area dating back to the early Neolithic (5th millennium BC) and extending all the way through to the Iron Age (4th – 2nd centuries BC).

Inside Manhattan’s Secret End Times ‘Cult’
Former “Congregation for the Light” member Paul Arthur Miller said members of “the Light” couldn’t have artwork or trinkets in their homes unless it contained an owl or a cross with an “X” on it. It’s a secret society that claims its followers descended from a “master Aryan race” on Atlantis and that ­humans once lived on the moon. Some male devotees have ­undergone weapons training to prepare for the end of the world, which is coming soon. But this doomsday cult isn’t hidden away in some rural ­bunker — it operates out of a brownstone in Murray Hill. “It’s the cult next door to every New Yorker, and no one even knows that it’s there,” said an ­exiled member. The former worshiper, a Manhattan woman who spoke on the condition of ­anonymity because she fears retribution, joined the group in 2003 while dating a man who was raised in it.

Jewish News Writer Believes Obama Is “The False Prophet”
In 2005, then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, followed more adamantly and boldly by current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since then, identified the danger to the West posed by Iran's nuclear program. Netanyahu has refuted Iran's claim that its program is for peaceful purposes. A country sitting atop massive oil wells does not need to invest billions of dollars, at the expense of its own people's welfare, in nuclear reactors, centrifuges and uranium enrichment. Many experts in the Unites States and some senior Israeli defense establishment officials argued passionately that Netanyahu was a doomsayer protesting too vociferously. A few short years later, it became clear that the danger was clear and present. Anyone who sees what the Islamic State group has accomplished with pickup trucks, knives and machine guns can understand the significance of a country armed with a nuclear weapon, a country that subcontracts and operates a complex terrorist network around the world to do its bidding.






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