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Occultist's Revered Geometry

The dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon, whose name means the same as Glaucus (his story is related in chapter 9 of the upcoming book Forbidden Secrets of the Labyrinth), “wide-shining,” continues to the idea of the cave. Socrates asks Glaucon to imagine a cave inhabited by prisoners who have had their legs chained since birth and their heads fixed in one direction so that they could only see a single wall in front of them. Behind them is light from a fire that is partly blocked by a raised ramp where free people walk while carrying various objects. The prisoners never see the ramp or the people walking behind them, but can only watch the shadows, unaware of the fact that they are shadows. They can hear echoes off the wall from the noise produced behind them. Socrates suggests that the prisoners would believe that the shadows were the most real. The philosophers among them would be ones who could explain the forms on the wall and predict their....


Journalists Visit Woman's House Who Claims It Is Haunted, Get Scratched By Some Kind Of Demonic 'Shadow Man'
Two skeptical journalists were just minutes into an interview with a Pennsylvania homeowner who claims her house is infested with ghostly and demonic forces when they found themselves so scared they almost abandoned the investigative report altogether. But it’s what they say happened just five minutes into the interview that had the two so scared they almost left. “Basically, when we walked in the home, I didn’t feel anything at first,” Petrillo said during an on-air report explaining the experience. “I felt — it was something like a piece of hot metal almost … I looked down on my wrist and I noticed there was a scratch there.” The photojournalist said he’s “never felt anything like that” in his life. In fact, Petrillo was a skeptic before entering Simpson’s home, but now says the experience has made him a believer.

Excerpt From "Exo-Vaticana" On Invisible "Things" That Scratched & Bit Young Woman And Left Behind Unidentified Hair
But what about cases in which evil spirits or demons seem to manifest physically? The following case is borrowed from my former work with Tom Horn, Exo-Vaticana: "In the early 1950s, Dr. [Lester] Sumrall was in Manila building a church, which today is known as the Cathedral of Praise. On May 12, 1953, the Daily Mirror in Manila published a startling story under the headline, “Police Medic Explodes Biting Demons Yarn,” in which a most unusual story unfolded of law enforcers and medical examiners being mystified by an inmate whose body continuously bore deep teeth marks. The frightened girl claimed that two beings were appearing and biting her. One of the devils was...

Major Paradox For Petrus Romanus: How To Convert Evangelicals Into The Ecumenical Superchurch Without Them Knowing What He's Really Up To
The Evangelical world is a big challenge for ecumenism, perhaps one of the most important ones. There is an open dialogue with the Orthodox world. This dialogue is mostly based on theology. It is a difficult path, but Patriarch of Costantinople Bartholomew I proved to be a great interlocutor. In fact, Bartholomew is carrying on the dialogue on the orthodox side. The patriarch backs Pope Francis’ initiatives and at the same time is trying to unite orthodox churches, supporting a Pan-Orthodox council. On the side of the Russian orthodoxy, there are still big hurdles. These are big hurdles for Pope Francis as well, who even tried to break the ice informally, sending signals of ecumenical peace to Patriarch Kirill. But there has been no movement or change.



Billionaire Warns Investors: The Looming EMP Threat Is Head And Shoulders Above All Others

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has issued an unusual warning for investors, calling the threat of a widespread blackout from an electromagnetic surge the "most significant danger" in the world. Called an "electromagnetic pulse" or EMP, the events can occur naturally from solar storms or artificially from a high-altitude explosion of nuclear weapons. "While these pages are typically chock full of scary or depressing scenarios, there is one risk that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest in terms of the scope of potential damage adjusted for the likelihood of occurrence," Singer wrote to clients of his $24.8 billion Elliott Management on Monday in a standard investment update letter. "Even horrendous nuclear war, except in its most extreme form, can [be] a relatively localized issue, and the threat from asteroids can (possibly) be mitigated. But an EMP...

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DIA Chief: Al Qaeda Ideology Rapidly Expanding
The terrorist ideology behind al Qaeda is expanding significantly—contrary to President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign theme that declared the Islamist terror threat in decline, according to the outgoing director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. “It’s not on the run, and that ideology is actually, it’s sadly, it feels like it’s exponentially growing,” DIA Director Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said during a security conference Saturday. Flynn was asked about the controversy over Obama’s statements during his 2012 reelection bid that al Qaeda had been “decimated” by the U.S. war on terrorism, and that the group was “on the run” as a result. Flynn challenged use of the term “core al Qaeda” to identify the group once led by Osama bin Laden and now headed by his deputy, Ayman al Zawahiri.

DARPA Beefs Up Global Tracking Systems
Despite the fact that Global Positioning System (GPS) offers a huge number of military and civilian uses, and its ubiquity and applications present in cars, boats, planes, trains, smartphones and wristwatches, and has enabled advances as wide-ranging as driverless cars, precision munitions and automated supply chain management, it still has its own share of shortcomings. GPS signals cannot be received underground or underwater and can be significantly degraded or unavailable during solar storms. More worrisome is that adversaries can jam signals. GPS continues to be vital, but its limitations in some environments could make it an Achilles' heel if warfighters rely on it as their sole source of positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) information. To address this problem, several DARPA programs are exploring innovative technologies and approaches that could eventually provide reliable, highly accurate PNT capabilities when GPS capabilities are degraded or unavailable.

Big Government Is The Borg, And Resistance Isn’t Futile. Unless You Want The Gas Chamber
Checks and balances are definitely not President Obama’s style. So we shouldn’t be surprised when he pulls another executive order out of his well-stocked hip pocket any time Congress or the Supreme Court doesn’t do what he wants. Some recent developments have proved especially insufferable for him, what with Congress refusing to rubber stamp his immigration plans and the Supreme Court declining to do same for his abortifacient mandate. It seems Obama believes that neither Congress nor the Supreme Court count as branches of the government when they don’t follow suit. This is simply the nature of what we so euphemistically call “big government.” It’s difficult to come up with a more specific term to describe the current phenomenon...


Pentagon Looking At Military Options For Russia: US General Says "Putin May Actually Light A Fire That We Cannot Control"

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey says the Pentagon is looking at possible military responses to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. He said his country is considering military options such as US military “basing, lines of communications, sea lanes” that “we haven’t had to look at for 20 years." During his address at the Aspen Institute on Thursday night, he warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin “may actually light a fire” he cannot control. “This is very clearly Putin” attempting to “redress grievances for the fall of the Soviet Union,” Dempsey said. He also noted that President Putin has “actually taken a decision to escalate,” adding this has sparked a “rising tide of nationalism” that could spread throughout Europe. Dempsey made the remarks after the State Department accused Russia of firing artillery from its territory at Ukrainian military positions...

Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 1
Tom Horn Refers To Nuke Smuggled Into US - Part 2
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Tension Between US And Gog-Magog Escalate As Russia Is Accused Of Violating 1987 Nuclear Missile Treaty, Officially Called 'A Very Serious Matter'
In an escalation of tensions, the Obama administration accused Russia on Monday of conducting tests in violation of a 1987 nuclear missile treaty, calling the breach "a very serious matter" and going public with allegations that have simmered for some time. The treaty confrontation comes at a highly strained time between President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin over Russia's intervention in Ukraine and Putin's grant of asylum to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. An administration official said Obama notified Putin of the U.S. determination in a letter Monday. The finding will be included in a State Department annual report on compliance with arms control treaties that will be released Tuesday.

Experts Raise Major New Fears Over War With Russia
The West accuses Russia of helping to arm and provide troops to back pro-Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine, which is comprised mostly of Russian-speakers. Russia, on the other hand, charges the West aided the overthrow of a democratically elected government that resulted in the need for Moscow to send in troops to protect Russian-speakers in Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula. Moscow also is providing assistance to ethnic Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine who do not want to be under what they consider an illegal government in Kiev. The Western-backed Kiev government, which has signed an agreement with the EU, stands in the way of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s effort to create a buffer between the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the Russian Federation.

And Now N. Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike On White House
A top-ranking North Korean military official has threatened a nuclear strike on the White House and Pentagon after accusing Washington of raising military tensions on the Korean peninsula. The threat came from Hwang Pyong-So, director of the military's General Political Bureau, during a speech to a large military rally in Pyongyang Sunday on the anniversary of the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War. Hwang, who holds the rank of vice marshal in the Korean People's Army, said a recent series of South Korea-US military drills, one of which included the deployment of a nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier, had ramped up tensions. "If the US imperialists threaten our sovereignty and survival... our troops will fire our nuclear-armed rockets at the White House and the Pentagon -- the sources of all evil," Hwang said in his speech broadcast Monday on state television.


U.S. Dusting Off Its Decades-Old Gog-Magog War Readiness Plan

As American officials fire off diplomatic salvos at Russia in response to that nation’s purported actual artillery salvos into Ukraine, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said recently that among other actions, the U.S. military is dusting off decades-old plans, just in case.  “We’re looking inside our own readiness models to look at things that we haven’t had to look at for 20 years, frankly, about basing and lines of communication and sea lanes,” Gen. Martin Dempsey, America’s top military officer, said at the Aspen Security Forum Thursday evening. “What the military does when faced with these crises is – our job is preparedness, deterrence and readiness.” In addition to its own plans, Dempsey said the U.S. military is having “conversations with our NATO allies about increasing their capability and readiness” and that there’s a “very active” ongoing process and debate about how best to provide support to Ukraine.

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The Hungry Russian Bear
In the sky above eastern Ukraine, a surface-to-air missile was launched, and it destroyed a Malaysian civilian airliner. The dastardly deed killed – rather, murdered ---298 people. It appears the missile and launcher were Russian. The individuals shooting down the plane were so-called “Russian backed separatists” in Ukraine. Apparently the crash, which is a crime scene on the ground, is controlled by pro-Russian sympathizers, and it has been compromised by unknown malcontents. It seems to me the Russian emperor Putin--- the Napoleon of Siberia-- has his pitiful, complicit fingerprints all over the Lusitania-type incident. This is the latest in a series of aggressive acts by the Russian bear. In 2008 the Russians invaded the sovereign nation of Georgia. The bear gobbled up one-third of the nation. The world leaders protested loudly, but they were glad it wasn't their homelands. Then the world moved on. The Russian tanks still...

Blood On The Altar War Against Christians And Jews Has Begun
The news about Jews in the post-war years was largely about the nation of Israel and the wars it fought to re-establish and maintain the Jewish state. What those wars should have told us was that Islamic hatred of Judaism extends to Christianity as well. For Americans that lesson was driven home on September 11, 2001, but even the memory of that event has begun to fade to such an extent that Americans have twice elected a President who has never hidden his admiration for Islam, whose father was a Muslim, and who spent part of his youth in the Islamic nation of Indonesia. In office, his antipathy to Israel has been in stark contrast to the decades of support for Israel that presidents since Harry Truman have demonstrated. A curious trend has emerged in America that runs counter to its entire history.

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As The Storm Clouds Gather
The President went out raising campaign funds and is planning his vacation in New England, while the press sorts out and tells us what happened to the Malaysian airliner shot down with Russian missiles while it flew over Ukraine-most probably by the "rebels" supplied and supported by Russia and Vladimir Putin.  More "leading from behind? It's hard to believe that the best and brightest of the U.S. intelligence community don't know what happened-and that it most likely leads either directly or indirectly to Russia's President Vladimir Putin. You remember Putin and that famous "reset" of our policies with the Russians at the beginning of President Obama's first term? And the President's promises to Putin's intermediate place holder as President of Russia, Dimitri Medvedev, about having more flexibility to accommodate Putin's concerns about our ballistic missile defense (BMD) programs after Obama's 2012 re-election?  True to the President's promises, we have had cuts to our BMD programs-presumably Putin is happy?  You think?  Some reset.


USGS: Earthquake Risk Along New Madrid Fault “Bigger And More Powerful Than We Ever Before Believed Imaginable”
The midwest region is preparing for earthquakes that are bigger and more powerful than ever believed imaginable. The U.S. Geological Survey updated their seismic hazards map last week, and in it, USGS says the New Madrid Fault, which runs through a number of midwestern states, has been identified as an area that has potential for larger and more powerful quakes than previously thought. Far Western Kentucky is highlighted on the map as being an area of "high risk." Geoscientists say if a major earthquake hits along the New Madrid Fault, damage and possibly even fatalities could reach as far as Louisville, Ky. "If you do get a very high magnitude earthquake--and it's very possible at any time without any warning--then we would have deaths in Louisville," said Dr. Gerald Ruth, a geo scientist and professor at Indiana University...


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Mayan Catastrophe Nearly Happened In 2012 As Predicted Says NASA. But Will It Miss Us Again In Zenith 2016?
Two years ago we were all going about our daily business blissfully unaware that our planet almost plunged into global catastrophe. A recent revelation by NASA explains how on July 23, 2012 Earth had a near miss with a solar flare, or Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), from the most powerful solar storm on the sun in over 150 years, but nobody decided to mention it. Err, what? Well that’s a sobering bit of news. “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces,” says Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado. We managed to just avoid the event through lucky timing as the sun’s aim narrowly turned away from Earth. Had it occurred a week earlier when it WAS pointing at us the result could have been frighteningly different.

Mapping The US Drought
Droughts appear to be intensifying over much of the West and Southwest as a result of global warming. Over the past decade, droughts in some regions have rivaled the epic dry spells of the 1930s and 1950s. About 34 percent of the contiguous United States was in at least a moderate drought as of July 22. Things have been particularly bad in California, where state officials have approved drastic measures to reduce water consumption. California farmers, without water from reservoirs in the Central Valley, are left to choose which of their crops to water. Parts of Texas, Oklahoma and surrounding states are also suffering from drought conditions. The relationship between the climate and droughts is complicated. Parts of the country are becoming wetter: East of the Mississippi, rainfall has been rising. But global warming also appears to be causing moisture to evaporate faster in places that were already dry. Researchers believe drought conditions in these places are likely to intensify in coming years.


New Discovery Suggests Planets Don’t Have To Be Earth-Like To Host Life
As we move forward through 2014 into 2015, more people are starting to recognize that we are not alone in the universe. NASA recently issued a statement echoing this belief, and top Astronomers from the SETI institute recently gathered at a U.S. congressional hearing to say that we are not alone, that extraterrestrial life exists without question and should be discovered within the next 20 years. The main argument at the congressional hearing was the size of the universe, emphasizing that there are trillions of stars out there, with one in every five most likely harboring an Earth-like planet. Even with our search for extraterrestrial life limited to Earth-like planets, the odds for life out there are extremely high.  If we drop our idea that...

Alien Atmospheres - Methane, CFCs & More Signs Of Smart ET
Sometimes we get lucky: an exoplanet many light-years away passes in front of its star at the perfect angle. This transit allows us to read certain features of that planet's atmosphere. The resulting spectra - lines made by molecules like oxygen and methane - allow us a peek into that planet's chemical anatomy. Certain features of those atmospheres make it more likely that something, or someone, inside is breathing. In the last few months, we've found even better ways of looking for these signs of life. Never underestimate the power of a tiny molecule. Methane - four hydrogens and a carbon bound by shared electrons - is an excellent candidate as a first clue that life exists on other planets. On Earth, and perhaps elsewhere in the Universe, methane (CH4) is both a product of life as well as one of life's basic energy-sources. For example, our ocean floor hosts an immense...

Could It Be A Radio Signal From Extraterrestrials? Mystery Bursts Baffle Astronomers
Astronomers have a mystery on their hands. Two large radio telescopes, on opposite sides of the planet, have detected very brief, very powerful bursts of radio waves. Right now, astronomers have no idea what's causing these bursts or where they're coming from. And nothing has been ruled out at the moment — not even ET. There's a report of a burst detected at the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Lorimer says several more reports of detections will soon be showing up in the scientific literature. As you would imagine, there's been lots of speculation about what's behind these mysterious bursts. And Lorimer says he has to mention it: "There's even been discussions in the literature about signatures from extraterrestrial civilizations." It's just a theoretical paper suggesting the bursts could be generated by intelligent beings intentionally beaming a radio signal directly at Earth.

Mathematicians: Not Only Is It Possible But PROBABLE Alien Probes Have Reached The Earth

What if an ET race sent out a probe 40,000 years ago? Could we be at the receiving end of similar attempts at space exploration? What if that race had a million-year head start on humanity? University of Edinburgh professors Arwen Nicholson and Duncan Forgana have pondered such questions and formulated some related theories. They published an article in the International Journal of Astrobiology last year explaining techniques that could dramatically cut down the time needed to send probes far and wide. They also said it is not only possible that aliens could reach our solar system with such probes, but they may have even done so a very long time ago. And this may be ongoing, with several different alien cultures sending probes at the same time.


A Nation Duped? UK Government Paves Way For Genetically Modified Babies (But Do They Also Have Private Contracts Like The US Does With Latin American Labs Where Human-Animal Monstrosities Are Being Experimented On?)
Britain’s government has allegedly misled the public with respect to a newly developed invitro fertilisation (IVF) procedure that experts claim will lead to the birth of “genetically modified babies.” A group of prominent scientists, including Lord Winston - a long-standing expert in fertility treatment, have criticized Britain’s Department of Health for attempting to furtively introduce a new IVF technique that will allow the DNA of future generations to be manipulated. The British government has attempted to redefine the term “genetic modification” (GM) to include a controversial new method that will culminate in babies inheriting their genetic make-up from three separate individuals, the scientists say.

Feminists And Transgenders Begin Sparring Over The Meaning Of ‘Gender’, But What Will They Do When Tom Horn’s Prediction Comes To Pass And The Near Future Includes All Kinds Of Androgynous Humans And Human-Animals (BTW--The #1 Policy Think Tank In The World Agrees With Tom)
The most dramatic change in the perception of transgenderism can be seen in academia. Particularly at liberal-arts colleges, students are now routinely asked which gender pronoun they would prefer to be addressed by: choices might include “ze,” “ou,” “hir,” “they,” or even “it.” A decade ago, no university offered a student health plan that covered gender-reassignment surgery. Today, dozens do, including Harvard, Brown, Duke, Yale, Stanford, and the schools in the University of California system. There are young transgender-critical radical feminists, like Heath Atom Russell and Rachel Ivey, aged twenty-four, who was one of the organizers of Radfems Respond, but they are the first to admit that they’re a minority...

How 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Is Helping Degradation Of Women
The newly released trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey deceives the public with a visually appealing melodramatic love story that romanticizes and normalizes sexual violence. The main character is a childlike, mousy, young woman, lacking confidence and capability, who becomes the target of a powerful, intimidating, older man who puts her under contract to serve in sexual "submission." The implications of such a relationship—abuse of power, female inequality, coercion and sexual violence—glamorizes and legitimatizes violence against women. The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey among women sends a message to men that this is what women really want. Even more dangerous, it also sends the message to women that they can "fix" violent, controlling men by being obedient and loving.

America's Cascading Moral Depravity & War On Christian Values To Skyrocket With New Unprecedented Torrent Of Complete-Nudity TV Shows

A tawdry and titillating TV trend is under way. Seven—that's right, seven—shows are being rolled out featuring one central theme: complete nudity. Dating Naked is simply another alarming societal development that is evidence of our deep-seated decline. The scary thing is that multitudes of Christians will tune in with a ho-hum, humorous take on the show, while they munch their Doritos and Papa John's pizza perched next to their significant other. Dating Naked introduces six complete strangers of the opposite sex totally au natural. Frontal private parts are barely pixilated while attractive contestants sip Jack Daniels as they passionately kiss and make out without a stitch of clothing. Other shows coming to American living rooms this year include:  • Sex Box, which features nude couples copulating in soundproof boxes then discussing with therapists. • Buying Naked, which features nude couples making real estate transactions. • Naked and Afraid, where unclothed castaways stroll around an island. • Born in the Wild, which shows nude pregnant women giving birth in the woods…

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Alternative Fusion Technologies Heat Up
To reach one of the world's most secretive nuclear-fusion companies, visitors must wind their way through a suburban office park at the foot of the Santa Ana Mountains, just east of Irvine, California, until they pull up outside the large but unmarked headquarters of Tri Alpha Energy. This is as close as any outsider can get without signing a non-disclosure agreement; Tri Alpha protects its trade secrets so tightly that it does not even have a website. But the fragments of information that have filtered out make it clear that the building houses one of the largest fusion experiments now operating in the United States. It is also one of the most unconventional. Instead of using the doughnut-shaped 'tokamak' reactor that has dominated fusion-energy research for more than 40 years, Tri Alpha is testing a...

NASA: First Humans To Become Martians Walking Earth Now
Before NASA brings a human to mars, they will first launch a robotic mission around 2019, called NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission where they will “capture and relocate an asteroid to a stable orbit around the moon, and send astronauts to return samples of it to Earth.” By the mid 2020s, “astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft, launched by SLS, will explore that asteroid and return to Earth with samples.” They’re going to give the moon its own tiny moon. But what does that have to do with getting to mars? “Testing aboard the space station is helping us develop ways to break these Earth-reliant bonds, so astronauts can be more autonomous the farther into the solar system they explore. The ARM robotic mission and crewed mission to explore the asteroid...

The Next Tech Scare Everyone Should Watch Out For
Much has been said about how technology has made the lives of people significantly easier and more convenient, and understandably so. It is hard to imagine a world where technological breakthroughs and advancements are nil. Numerous technological trends are continuously causing excitement and profit for many people. Needless to say, the world of technology is the largest and most powerful industry there is. However, when used without caution, technology could be the very thing that destroys us. In one way or another, all of us have been victims of our own technological addictions, whether or not we are aware of it.

Kurzweil Sees Future Humans Exploiting Wormholes Like The ‘Aliens’ Do For Time-Traveling

Imagine if you could take an exotic vacation billions of light years from Earth, peek in on the dinosaurs’ first-hand, or jump into a parallel universe where another you is living a more exciting life than yours — and you could swap places if you like. For years, scientists have bandied about radical ideas that future humans will one day harness wormholes to zip across the universe at faster-than-light speeds to explore vast distances in space, travel through time, and visit other universes. Now, researchers at the CERN particle accelerator believe their machine can recreate conditions like the “big bang,” which brought time and space into existence, and create baby black holes and wormholes; elements that many believe offer the best chance to validate or dispute the concept of developing faster-than-light travel.


We're Concerned That Google X's New ‘Baseline Human Body’ Project May Be About More Than They Are Admitting
Baseline will amass a very larger and broad set of new data and the idea that Google would know the structure of thousands of people's bodies—down to the molecules inside their cells—raises significant issues of privacy and fairness. In the future, this kind of data would be invaluable to insurers, who are always looking to reduce their risks. And more prosaic but chilling uses, such as prior to job interviews or marriage proposals, lurk in the background. The information will include participants' entire genomes, their parents' genetic history as well as information on how they metabolize food, nutrients and drugs, how fast their hearts beat under stress and how chemical reactions change the behavior of their genes. Meanwhile, the Google X Life Sciences group is developing more biometric collecting wearable devices that may continuously collect other data…

How Islam Conquered Christianity
Back in the 7th and 8th centuries, Muslim conquerors didn’t aim to destroy Christianity. They simply wanted to control it. However, they did manage to extinguish the church’s witness. And it happened by offering security and financial stability. Before the rise of Islam, Christians in ancient Persia experienced perhaps the most intense physical persecution any group of Christians have ever experienced. The church in Persia grew steadily, as missionaries from Antioch and Edessa ranged further east. Naturally, this caused some tension with the leaders of the established state religion, Zoroastrianism. The conflict between it and Christianity was often more acutely felt by the Zoroastrian clergy than that experienced by pagan priests in Rome. The clergy (called magi) often led in the persecution of Christians.

Is America's Moral Decay Causing God To Smite Us? And Why Aren’t More People Worried About This?
Let’s be honest here. Is there anyone left in this country who doesn’t think we have some affliction coming to us? We may disagree wildly about the disease and the symptoms, but a quick read through the news will affirm one point of agreement between left and right: our nation has fallen into a moral sinkhole of epic proportions. Repentance is clearly in order. Hearty shoveling seems like a good place to start. There might still be one or two doubters out there, but let’s put them in the penalty box for a minute so we can play around with this divine wrath theory. Why is God smiting us? Liberals would presumably cite income inequality, along with nasty Republican initiatives to intensify the suffering of the poor. Conservatives might mention governmental corruption and waste, along with attacks on religious freedom. Let’s not forget the obvious: sex. More on that in a moment.

BreakPoint: What Tom Horn Said On Hagmann & Hagmann About Homosexuality Preceding Fall Of Every Great Society Is A Fact

Like a tsunami, so-called gay marriage has swept aside just about every obstacle in its path, creating a very different cultural landscape than even seemed possible a few decades ago—or even a few years ago! According to David Von Drehle in Time magazine, the swift embrace of same-sex marriage is nothing short of a “seismic shift” of American culture, one “as rapid and unpredictable as any turn in public opinion.” And that, folks, might still be an understatement. In 1996, just 27 percent of Americans supported so-called same-sex “marriage.” Today, 19 states and the District of Columbia have legalized same-sex marriage, with federal and state courts are constantly striking down state laws banning same-sex marriage it seems every day. This big change is a big deal. It was the eminent sociologist David Popenoe who said that no civilization ever survived after its family life deteriorated. But if you don’t believe him...

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